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As the world starts to reopen and events are going live again, the workload is quickly picking up. Many companies are struggling with getting their teams back together and are considering hiring new members. Throughout the industry, we’ve all heard similar stories of companies starting again and redefining internal processes from square one.

During a recent presentation of our technology to a Fortune 500 company, one manager mentioned that she had previously led a marketing team for a large pharma company where they had several reporting processes. In her new role overseeing an events and marketing program, she was shocked that a company of their size had no formal process, no event calendar and/or related reports - just a cluster of spreadsheets with some shared drive documents lacking consistency. This is what happens when a company has several lines of business that work in silo.

Now is the time to implement processes to ensure your team is ready for this upcoming busy season! Ditch the spreadsheets, collaborate with your team members and jump ahead to get in front of the ball!


Case Study: Tasks

As one of the largest industrial distributors in North America, the company had a robust proprietary system and had searched for a supported solution that would still meet all of their needs, including managing approximately 1,000 events per year with a team of 17 event managers, tracking assets, team collaboration, task management and reporting.

Due to ever-changing technology, the challenge with proprietary systems is that they require ongoing investments of both time and money in order to stay advanced. This poses a general challenge to companies who are focused on their lines of business and requires the support of a company whose sole focus is technology.

ExhibitForce’s Event Suite technology was readily available to handle their requests to automate their processes and was deployed within 90-days. The results were amazing and listed as follows.


To review the full case study, please click the following link: Event Management with Tasks Galore

Case Study: Transparency

A Fortune 500 Healthcare provider of medical technologies and services had a legacy system that was on its way out as it could no longer meet the needs of their 25+ event managers and numerous vendors.

It was time to propel forward and use a cloud-based system that would continue to evolve with their lines of business while providing transparency with their Vendors and Global access.

Event Suite met their immediate needs and customizations were provided to incorporate their internal formulas to drive timelines based on critical dates and overall metrics. For further support of the program, Vendor Portals were created to maintain the estimating process and collaboration. The results are shown as follows.



For the full case study, please click the following link: Event Management and Transparency

As the above case studies prove, by replacing static data with Automation that reduces redundancies and mistakes, while being Agile to keep projects swiftly moving forward with ease, the amount of Aggregate data generated through ExhibitForce technology exceeds expectations.

Where to begin?

If you’re new to a role, interviewing for a new position or looking to hire, please remember - How can a mechanic work without the right tools?

ExhibitForce is very attainable and quick to deploy! To begin, you can request a FREE TRIAL.

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