Successful engagement and measurable results

As our Pandemic Journey continues one question will arise: how can we safely and successfully engage to receive measurable results? The goal is to educate, engage and empower. Pre-pandemic, f2f events were the best way to accomplish these goals, but in today’s world events can now be Live, Virtual or a Hybrid of both.

Large Tradeshow with many attendeesLive - Face to Face (f2f) is the most effective traditional experience.

Shortly after returning from the holidays and as part of kicking off the New Year, we’re usually in the midst of planning for EXHIBITORLIVE. This event sets the stage for all of our events and marketing plans. As with last year, 2021 is a bit different since it has been slated for much later this year, opening on Halloween in Las Vegas.

Oh, how I dream of waking up early to catch my flight (preferably mask-free) with luggage in-tow.

The good news: there’s light at the end of the tunnel with many people already receiving the vaccine, venues are opening up and the calendars are populating.

Virtual - Hosted entirely online, which can offer a broader reach at a lower cost.

According to CEIR Global Virtual Event Trends Series, education is the dangling carrot to entice attendees to register for virtual events.

Most virtual event organizers offer educational content especially for those in the Medical and Health Care organizations. The study found that 67% of virtual event organizers in this sector provide sessions offering continuing education units, well above any other sector.

CEIR Global Virtual Event Trends

Hybrid – Offers the choice for some people to attend in person and others online, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Hybrid seems to be the growing trend offering the best of both worlds. We have attended our fair share of virtual events but mostly for education. Education might be the dangling carrot but that will not keep one’s business doors open. Through discussion, we have found that many exhibitors – even our clients – 

Desktop and Tablet measurables

have found absolutely no ROI, ROO, and/or any measurement R’s via virtual events.

Accountability for our events must take priority! No matter what type of engagement, measuring the outcome is key. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, how and what do we measure?

How do we juggle all of the online data? Number of attendees? Content viewed? Number of leads? Cost per lead? Click-through rates? Cost per click?

Our Event Suite technology offers an intelligent way to oversee the process and has a METRICS feature that can support your efforts.

If you want to see our technology in action please view our Metrics Webinar

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